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heat pad
69.90 € *
Bottom Heater II black
119.90 € *
Bottom heater II green
119.90 € *
109.90 € *
Stadium seat
109.90 € *
89.90 € *
99.90 € *
Li-Ion accumulator
39.90 € *
Lithium polymer battery
12V car charger
8.90 € *
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1 - 10 of 13 results


Through Paragliding - our leisure activity - we became passionate campers as well. We love nature and spend all of our free time outdoors. This triggered the idea to look for ways to make the time spent more comfortable and enjoyable. by providing a heated seat just like the seat heating in the car, regardless where one finds a place to sit down.

We have now successfully implemented the production of such seat heaters so you can make your individual outdoor activity more pleasurable.

The range of use is versatile and cater to:

  • Fishermen

  • Hunters

  • Campers

  • Wheelchair Users

  • Balcony and Backyard enthusiasts

  • Fairground- and Traveling Entertainers

  • Restaurant Owners

  • Spectators in Sports Stadiums, Open- Air Theaters and Festivals, Tournaments etc

  • Playground- and Parkvisitors

  • Wildlife Photographers


Warmth for your health and well-being! Therapeutic use from our warming chairs and cushions!

Happy is the person who is healthy, but anyone struggling with back- or sciatic pain, rheumatism or frequent urinary tract infections should not run an additional risk getting chilled. Those people affected should avoid sitting on a cold benches or being exposed to draft resulting in pain or discomfort.

With our heatable, portable chairs and cushions anyone can enjoy the outdoors carefree because you have your own therapeutic seat with you.

The evenly distributed warmth proves to be a great advantage as each user can adjust temperature to his / her own liking. The warmth can be used to relax the muscles and might stimulate circulation which could be favorable for pain relief and pain prevention.

With our products you can increase the joy of being outside longer