Bottom Heater

Bottom Heater

Product description

  • Heat support heated stadium cushion is comfortable and portable and it provides up to 5 hours of warmth for outdoor enthusiasts and sports spectators all year round

  • It has 4 heat levels with a special heating cell system made out of flexible FIR heating elements  

  • It is lightweight and it features an integrated shoulder strap for carrying around 

  • Heat support portable heating chair increases your wellbeing at cold temperatures

  • Fabric/material: 600D polyester

  • Large-sized heating element

  • Advantages: 

    • 4 heating levels and push button operation

    • Heating duration 3-6h

    • High power Li-Ion batteries 7.4V / 2.2 Ah

  • Integrated fully rechargeable battery pack

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Bottom Heater II black

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Bottom heater II green

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