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The Heat Pad is the newest addition to our product range. It has a very small pack size and can easily be transported in your jacket, handbag or backpack. This heating pad is suitable for all outdoor activities where you would like to keep warm, be it in the football stadium, at the ski hut or at winter sports events, open-air events such as festivals, concerts or Formula 1 races or even when hiking or cycling. It is waterproof and can be used on snowy or wet surfaces.


1.     A powerful lithium polymer battery with 3 heat settings provides power for 4-6 hours. The battery has an additional USB output for use as a power bank. It has a service life of at least 400 charging cycles.

2.     Dimensions 40cm x 30cm.

3.     The pad is supplied complete with battery, charger and bag.

4.     Weight 300 g

5.     Available in 3 colour combinations.

Personalized branding available with a minimum order of 500 items

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Farbe: oliv/schwarz
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Farbe: schwarz
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